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Be pleasantly surprised how much difference experience in Real estate maintenance can make.

Real Estate and Body Corp management is a professional business, with the need for accurate and detailed reporting and invoicing from contractors. When you, the management seek advice or works from a third party, you require the correct information promptly. After all, you want to provide the best  to your client and for that you use a Contractor that you can trust.

Patterson Plumbing Services provides services to Melbourne’s premier Real Estate and Body Corporate Services.  Knowledge of what’s required and quality procedures in place, insures quick response and the correct outcome first time, every time.

We also provide routine and regular maintenance for Body Corporates, Rental and Lease properties and commercial properties. We can manage and maintain service plans and schedules. Services range from Gas, Electric, Solar, Roofing, Drainage, Gutters and excavation works.  Please contact us for more information and planning.