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29 years industry experience

Civil – Drainage- Excavations – Earthmoving Contractors 

Specialist Plumbing Commercial Maintenance 

Strata- Owners Corporation Maintenance

Commercial Real Estate Maintenance 

Commercial Renovations

General enquires & appointments

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Monday to Friday 9am- 5pm

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A knowledge base built on 20+ years experience assisting Strata Management

  • Sewer & Storm Water Drainage rectifications & surface reinstatements
  • Strata insurance works
  • Bulk/common Hot water installations 
  • Condition & Resultant damage reports
  • Domestic & fire burst repairs
  • Periodic Testing, pump servicing & backflow testing 
  • CCTV drainage inspections & reports 
  • Leak Detection & Service Locations

Specialist Services Provided

Proactive & reactive Maintenance

Sewer & Stormwater drainage replacements

Civil Works

CCTV drainage Camera Inspections

Service Locations & Repairs

Owners Corporation Strata Industry works

Drainage condition reports, audits and surveys

Excavations &  Earthmoving

5.5t- 3t- 1.8t Excavators

Bobcat- Skid steer- Mini loader

High Pressure Jet drain cleaning

Cable machine drain cleaning

Non-Destructive Digging (NDD)

Medical & Laboratory gas systems

Pipe location and leak Detection

Heating Hot Water & Hydronic Heating

Fire Service installation and repairs

Grease and oil interceptors and acid neutralizing tanks

Compressed air & vacuum systems

Physical-containment laboratory systems (PC2, PC3 & PC4)

Emergency safety shower & eyewash equipment annual testing & servicing

Sewer, storm water & pumps

Reverse-osmosis water purification systems

Concrete Sawing & Coring

Concrete Removal

Concrete Installations