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Hot water is a beautiful thing, until it stops!

Gas and electric storage hws, solar and constant flow hws supplied and installed.

Commercial constant flow/storage units & boilers also supplied and installed.


Appliances are vital for everyday living, and need to be installed correctly for safe and efficient operation.


Patterson Plumbing holds the required licence for installation of gas appliances and testing of gas fitting lines.


We provide a Certificate of Compliance on completion of installations as required be law.


Listed below are examples of appliances installed by Patterson Plumbing Services:


Gas storage Hot Water Services

Gas instantaneous  H.W.S

Constant flow internal and external units e.g. Rinnai Infinity

Gas stoves and hot plates

space heaters

Wall Furnaces

Gas Log Fires

Ray Pac gas spa heaters

Natural Gas B.BQ connections

50, 80,120,160,220.250Ltr electric Hot Water Services.

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