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Plumbing & Repairs

In today’s demanding world, plumbing expectations are high and time is everything.

We at Patterson Plumbing Services understand, and strive to provide a professional plumbing service, in the many facets of the Plumbing and Maintenance industry.

Our plumbing services are vast and we have the facilities, knowledge and enthusiasm to get the job done, on time and at the highest industry standard.

Patterson Plumbing Services is a family business, with a strong belief in providing polite, prompt and friendly service. Success is built on a solid foundation, of customer satisfaction, quality workmanship and pride. Our goal is to establish long term business relationships that are built on trust and integrity.

Let us show you just how easy dealing with a professional company can be.

Our Services

Patterson Plumbing are Experts in Plumbing and Plumbing Repairs. From new buildings to older homes and apartments our team are well versed in procedures  By-Laws and Regulatory Standards to offer the most up to date quality services which we can, for you.

Drain and Plumbing Planning

Patterson Plumbing will carry out drain and plumbing planning according to the latest Australian Standards whilst complying will all local By-Laws and regulations to provide you with compliant hassle free installations.

Repairs in detail

Patterson Plumbing carry out maintenance inspections for Body Corporates, Private and Business customers on a regular basis so as to comply with By-Laws and to keep areas of concern in check. At times of Emergency or Maintenance Repairs, Patterson Plumbing are her and available on a 24HR mobile hotline for you peace of mind.

Are you in need of a Plumber to fix the slow draining sink or leaking gutter? A new renovation to your bathroom or wet area? Patterson plumbing is just a phone call away. Give us a call to discuss your requirements or arrange a visit.

When needing an Emergency Plumber , please call 0408 678 018