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We offer plumbing services and solutions for all types of issues – from common clogs and leaks to full mainline replacement.


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Emergency Services

Patterson Plumbing Services strives to provide Rapid Response Emergency Services.

Call us on 0408 678 018 and experience quality service preformed by Licensed and Registered Plumbers and Gasfitters.

Emergency Rapid Response

Emergency Rapid Response, Just call our mobile number 0408 678 018.

Licensed & Insured

We are a family business of qualified, Licensed and fully insured tradesman.Our employees and hand picked to meet industry standards and work alongside of us.

Since 1990

Patterson Plumbing Services is a family business, with a strong belief in providing polite, prompt and friendly service. Success is built on a solid foundation, of customer satisfaction, quality workmanship and pride. Our goal is to establish long term business relationships that are built on trust and integrity.



Needed some plumbing work done, seemed like a huge job but Pattersons repaired the downpipes in one afternoon. Good as new they said and haven't needed to worry about it since.


Debbie   2008


Patterson Plumbing Services, helps us out with our commercial kitchen whenever we need some urgent issue taken care of. The knowledge of the staff and tradesmen really shows .

Jo, Fitzroy 2018

Jo, Fitzroy

Bloody Fantastic, with a difficult drainage job, they got in there, dug it by hand & machine, completed work & even cleaned the joint. Five stars as far as I’m concerned.

George, West Preston 2010

George, West Preston

Recent projects

Project Info
Rusty and leaky Melbourne Apartment Block Roof. Patterson Plumbing do Aerial surveying of roofs, private, domestic, industrial and commercial roof replacements.  A Melbourne morning skyline in the background.
  • Remove fittings & aged structure
  • Replace Roofing Sheets
  • Replace all Accessories
  • Installation of Flashings & Seals
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Project Info
Space heater replacement with a new efficient Rinnai model. Gas, water, solar, electric heating / plumbing and wiring is every day work here at Patterson Plumbing. Our licensed , qualified tradesman are up to the job at hand.
  • Removal and disposal materials
  • Preparation and modifications as required
  • Installation of new components
  • Installation checklists and testing
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Project Info
Shower access / base renovation/ replacement. Patterson plumbing carry out all manner of home and industrial wet area renovations. Plumbing is not restricted to pipes, drains and gutters. Speak to us about your next renovation or construction projects.
  • Tile & Base removal
  • Sealing / Prepping area
  • Tile replacement
  • Apply Grout & Sealant
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What's New?

our team

Meet our Team

Shane Patterson
Shane Patterson
20+ years experience
Adrian Patterson
Adrian Patterson
Foreman & lead plumber,
40+ years experience
Janine Loader
Janine Loader
15+ years experience
Tracy Harris
Tracy Harris
Clerical Administration
15+ years experience

Our prices

$120 EX GST

  • HP Jet Drain Cleaning
  • HP Jet Gutter Cleaning
  • Cable Drain Cleaning
  • Drain Camera Inspections
  • CCTV Drainage Inspections

$180 EX GST

  • Gas Hot Plate Install
  • Gas Oven Install
  • HWS Gas Install
  • HWS Electric Install
  • Electric Hot Plates

$95 EX GST

  • Toilet Repair
  • Toilet Blockage
  • Tap Repair
  • Leaking Pipes
  • Leaky Gutter

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