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Drain blasting (Pressure jetting) can be used on all types of drains and obstructions. The machinery we carry and water pressure jet is extremely powerful that clearing blockages caused by grease, fat or scale is efficient and effective. It can also remove tree roots or anything else that is lodged in the drain. Our engineers carry  pressure cleaning equipment in their vans and if the job is larger we have a specialised van with a large blaster for the large diameter pipes. Pressure cleaning is also required when ongoing issues are encountered with blockages. In these cases we need to clean prior to sending in our CCTV and Video inspection equipment so as to provide and better view of the interior condition of pipes and sewers.

On other occasions when clearing blockages we encounter collapsed drains due to old age, damage and sometimes larger tree roots. In these cases we again have CCTV equipment which we send down the pipe to do a visual inspection & assessment to determine the next course of action. Please refer to the CCTV link above for more information.